The trails and tribulations of being a Good, Very Good Egyptian Sucker!
“Brought to you by Sony!”

First, you need to know me well before you read the article or whatever! My name, you know it! Don’t you?! I was born in “Berket Al-Sab3”, and this is a very special place in Egypt because it combines two amazing things, a beast of prey along with a pond! My father is originally from “Be2r Sab3” which is a very special place in Palestine, you know, it combines two amazing things, a water well and a beast of prey too. That is why my friends are always calling me “Sab3 Ibn Sab3”. LOL! I am funny, ain’t I?

In 2002, I have been graduated and I had to move to Cairo to work there. My biggest problem was my principles that were totally different from Cairo’s guys. Actually, I did not like the dudes in Cairo, they forgot how a man should act like. I have tried my best to adopt with their silly principles and I guess I am almost there. Everything has a beginning, so my story! I am wise, ain’t I?!

I am working at a real estate company. All people who have been grown up in the city are different from me! Just want to let you know that most of my colleagues have brought up in Wales and North Ireland. I have tried my best to adopt with their culture and intellectual backgrounds, but every time something holds me back. I should act like I have used to, otherwise I will bring the shame to the old “Sab3”.

I am feeling down because my performance in the work was not too good. I really need to do something new! Suddenly, one of my colleagues comes to me asking why I look so sad. I have told him the truth, then he started laughing and said: “Dude! You need to do something new!”. SHIT! How did he know? I have stared at him for a while, I had no clue how he did know. He smiled at me and said: “Let’s go to a disco”!

Disco? Why not? I need to do something new, so there is no need for another bid! I have agreed immediately. I have dressed my favorite dress, I am sure that I am going to dazzle some sweet girls! WOHO! I am ENERGETIC!

Some noisy music with a regular tone, all people are shaking their heads and bodies like genies. This is pretty similar to the Sufi regimes. OH MY! This girl right there! I have never seen a black lady who dances like a white lady! She is shaking her hips like a professional! Goodness me! This move beats all Shakira ones. I really need to know this girl, she turns me on.

I move forward for a few steps, I sweat like I am walking in August, 12 PM! I look at her like an idiot, she looks at me wondering why I act like a fool. She says:
– “Hey boy, do I turn you on?!”
SHIT! How did she know? This girl seems to be a real professional. The words stuck in my throat! I find no words to express how I feel toward her!

Before I go on, I just want to let you know how my father has a great influence on me and my behavior in general. My father has been everything to me, he has taught me how to be a good man with morals and principles. Before I move to Cairo, he has warned me not to fall in the love of a whore. Now, I understand why he has warned me of this. Here, it seems that Al-Sab3 Ibn Al-Sab3 is going to fall in love with a dancer, in case I am fortunate enough.

She stares at me while I cannot utter a word. She holds my hands and looks at me asking:

“Do you want to kiss me right now?”!

I look to here straight in the eyes. DAMN! Although she looks like an old shoe, she is not too bad. She comes closer, I can smell her breath. Ugggh! Her mouth smells like onions. I am trying to run away, but she grabs me, getting closer, closer! I am almost passed out.

She kisses me, even her lips taste bad. She looks at me, start dancing once again. OH MY! I cannot resist her moves while she is dancing. She knows how to seduce me. I get closer, I really feel like dancing… BUT, NO! I will never dance, because I am a dude! I should not shake my hips like Shakira. She looks at me “the girl not Shakira”, waiting me to ask her for a dance.

Dude! You are at a disco and you do not want to dance! Fuck Berket Al-Sab3 and fuck my father’s lessons! For some reason this part of the story reminds me of some movie for Yousef Shaheen. I start dancing, in spite of me, I dance! She looks at me, laughing and saying “here we are, my boy”! She holds my hands and start shaking every small part of her body. My shoulders are moving like a jelly. What the fuck?! Some dude comes from behind, holds her shoulders and kisses her! NO! I will never let this happens to my girl, get prepared for what the Berket Al-Sab3 dude will do!

To be continued…

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World Cup 2010 : Reasons Holding us Back


We have won the African Championship two times in a row as you already know. Yes, our squad is almost the same with the same coach. So, we must be the best team in Africa, two times in a row we are the champions this is a clear evidence!

Yes, we are the same team, the same coach, but under different conditions. We have already wasted two points in our first home game, even though the game was with a very poor team which might be considered as the weakest team in Group C. When the time comes to the world cup qualifications, everything is different. We have not been qualified since 1990 world cup in Italy and during these years we have won the African Cup of Nations three times, 98, 06 and 08. So, we cannot link the African Cup to the world cup qualifications. Simply, the Europe champions of 2004, Greece could not qualify to 06 world cup! So, do not ever think of taking the regional competition as a measure. I believe that we won’t make it to South Africa and the reasons?

1- Conflicts

After Zambia game many conflicts have been shown at the horizon. Amr Zaki and Mido was the first conflict to be happened. Zaki has claimed that Mido was jealous of him because he was not in the lineup of the national team in their game against Zambia. This states many problems that have been caused by Mido previously. Yes, it happened once in 2006 when Shehata substituted Mido by Amr Zaki, by luck Zaki first touch was a goal that revived Egypt and sent the team to the final game to be crowned later. But, today is different, Mido is mature enough to sit on the bench with no complains. Amr Zaki behavior was silly in a very wrong timing. All the national team players were yucky, even the only goal scorer, Amr Zaki. Even though, I wonder why Emad Metaab which I consider him the worst player in Egypt’s squad always in the start up, while we have Zidan, Zaki and Mido! Metaab himself might be a convenient reason for being knocked out from the world cup before it starts. The conflict between Zaki and Mido might lead to other conflicts among all the national team players in the future. If all the players want to start up the game, I wonder who would be so kind to be on the bench.  Every single player should respect the coach’s point of view and does not complain too much. I still believe that Mido had not behave in such ridiculous manner, but this a message for all players including Mido.  Both players are not only playing in the same national team, but in the same football club as well. Everything seems to be fine at the moment, but it will be fired up once one journalist claims that one has said “BLAH!” about the other!

Essam Al-Hadry who ran away from Egypt to seek some Euros in nameless team in Switzerland thought that he has been offended by Al-Ahly marketing manager, Adly Alqee’y. Because, simply, Adly Alqee’y has said the truth and told Al-Hadry story in details. If Al-Hadry foresees that his behavior in this case is shameful enough to feel offended, why did he do it?! Al-Hadry behavior on air was silly enough to be punished; I wonder why he is too confident that he will play for the national team forever, while he plays form some football club that never been watched by an Egyptian, I bet! Even though, the FIFA has just announced that Al-Hadry will not play for four months starting from August. I also doubt that he is performance still good like the past. Actually, I prefer morals than performance. How about having some player that in lack of both?

2- The lack of responsibility

    Some weeks ago, many newspapers have published photos of our national team players at some night club spending their time with “mooz, mooz, mooz” teens! This was in Zambia’s game day morning! They did not care about all these fans who were on fire to see their national football team firing the grass and winning an easy game as it was supposed to be. The place was a nightclub, the event was some teen’s birthday, needles to say there was a more important event for these players. I wonder how this behavior has been passed with no plenty. This indicates how our players are apathetic about their duty. Maybe they thought they can beat any team on the planet for wining the African Cup of Nations two times in a row. Actually, they should praise God 24/7 for not losing this game!

    3-  The Luck!

    Hassan Shehata will not be lucky forever. Although, Al-Ma3lem (he2) has won the African (BLAH!) two times in a row, I do not believe in his techniques. We must admit, there are many teams who have performed better than ours, but they could not make it because the prayers of 80 million Egyptians! This does not seem to be convincing, I know. But, I am sure that Hassan Shehata will be exposed soon, very soon! Still wish you the best of luck!

    4- The Technique!

    I foresee a lot of problems in Algeria away game after that performance against Zambia. Our defense will do extremely badly when they play against a tough team. We do not know much about Algeria because it has been a while since our last game with their team. Among Algeria squad many professional players who play for top class teams in France and the rest of Europe. The Algerian players are very skillful with a great acceleration and control of the ball that will cause great problems for our deference line. Remember, we will not be steadfast for more than a half against Algeria. Even though, we might not score any goals as long as Emad Motaeb is in the lineup. Sure, we will accept goals, but scoring? Many question marks for that!

    For all the reasons mentioned above, I see that our national team is not capable of finishing the task and qualifying to South Africa 2010! That is might be some good news for Magdy Abdelghany whose Goal might stand for another 4 years, at least.

    Who Are The Real Terrorists in Palestine?


    Damaged homes, roads destroyed and only skeletal of cars. Even food and medicine are ever scarce. The more you are looking into the Israeli-Palestinian issue, the more you sense that something is not going right. The images and the narrations are distorted. Most of people do not know who have the right to defend themselves. You are about to read facts largely hidden from our Egyptian people. First of all, I have to explain Hamas political role which was a root case for today conflict in Gaza.

    On January, 2006, Hamas won a spectacular victory in the Palestinian parliamentary elections that gave it a decisive majority in the legislature. Hamas won 76 of the 132 seats in parliament, while Fatah secured only 43. By winning a significant majority in parliament, Hamas was in a strong position to oppose Fatah interest to live in peace with Israelis. Hamas calling for the establishment of an independent state whose capital is Jerusalem was assigned as a call for destruction of Israel.

    Israel has named Hamas the main enemy of Israel values. The US supplied Fatah with guns and training to take on Hamas while the Palestinian authority initiated a campaign of assassinations against Hamas activists which grew up the tensions between Fatah and Hamas. Mahmoud Abbas called for early elections in December 16th, 2006 to take off Hamas from the Palestinian parliament. From this day, Abbas and Fatah declared the war against Hamas legal right, and democracy.

    It is a legal right for Hamas to participate in the political scene in Palestine as they won the legislature elections. But, their policy did not appeal to Israel, while Fatah policy was the right thing according to Israel hopes. The Israeli administration has hinted that it is considering letting Hamas try to rule poverty-stricken Gaza while letting aid flow to a Fatah-run West Bank. So, it is all a part of the plan. The good conditions of Palestinians who live in the West Bank are not due Fatah policy, but due Hamas ideology.

    Why Hamas do not let Gaza live just like the West Bank? Only statistics will answer this question.

    There are currently over 420,000 Israeli settlers living inside the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Over the coming years, Israel intends to expand this number by thousands. The Central Command who is responsible for the units and brigades located in the West Bank says:
    “We have no intention of leaving the West Bank. We will remain here in one way or another for hundreds and thousands of years.”

    Israel violations during the six months of so/called “truce”

    Israel carried out 193 violations in this period.
    1260 attacks, killed 21 Palestinians and wounded 245 citizens.
    Soldiers also kidnapped 1112 Palestinians.

    Is that what they call peace and aid flow? The contrast between Israel says and actions states corrupt regime has no credibility. Be honest, Palestine is not a state. Take a look at the map, is there any state divided into two parts away from each other? This cannot be a state, by no means. So, you cannot negotiate peace while you are in lack of the basic criteria of an independent state. Establish an independent state, then seek peace! People of the West Bank will never be able to prevent Israel from expanding the number of Israeli settlers living inside the West Bank as long as they are armless. Is that what they gain by following Fatah policy?

    If Hamas have the same ideology of Fatah, Israel will expand its settlers’ number in Gaza Strip as well. Later on, they will occupy every small part of the Palestinian land. And the Palestinian issue will be buried forever. Hamas ideology is the only way to keep the existence of the remainder of the holy land. Through the history freedom rebels have been considered heroes, so why should we blame Hamas for their action against Israel occupation to their lands?

    Israel has explained the military action in Gaza for fulfilling its duty and responsibility to protect the people of Israel who have been terrorized by the ongoing assault by Hamas. Israel’s military action in Gaza is in response to the nearly constant barrage of rockets and missiles launched by Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza. Israel’s expressed military objective is to end Hamas’ ability to launch rockets into Israel. It is Israel right of self-defense.

    This explanation was quoted from the official website of Israel. I do not believe one word of this explanation. You do not have the right of self-defense, while you are occupying another land. Call it whatever, but not self-defense. If Israel key reason of its military action in Gaza is to defend its citizens, why killing Gaza civilians? Why bombing the UNRWA school to kill innocent civilians? Why killing one of UNRWA’s truck drivers delivering humanitarian aid?

    O.K, let’s suppose that the UNRWA driver was a terrorist or Ismail Haniya himself! And the UNRWA school was a weapons storage depot! Let’s suppose that Hamas do not exist!

    Most of people are blaming Hamas for Israel aggression against Gaza. So, let’s think for a while. What if Hamas do not rule Gaza?

    On April 9, 1948, members of the underground Jewish terrorist group, the Irgun, or IZL, led by Menachem Begin, who was to become the Israeli prime minister in 1977, entered the peaceful Arab village of Deir Yassin, massacred 250 men, women, children and the elderly, and stuffed many of the bodies down wells. There were also reports of rapes and mutilations. (The Deir Yassin Massacre)

    20 May 1990, an Israeli soldier lined up Palestinian labors and murdered seven of them with a sub-machine gun. 13 Palesinians were killed by Israeli forces in subsequent demonstrations at the massacre. (OYON QARA MASSACRE)

    In both occasions, there was no Hamas in the Palestinian parliament. Hamas actual resistance movement has been started in 1998! So, Israel behavior is not related to Hamas or their missiles. It is ethnic cleansing of Palestine. They do not want any Palestinian to live.
    People should not blame Hamas for what is going on in Gaza. Sometimes the government does not represent its people. But, in Israel government and people are two faces of the same coin. So, bombing Gaza will be a great help for Ehud Olmert and his government in the next elections. So, who are the real terrorists?

    Hamas have the right to defend their lands. Israelis says do not meet their actions. They say: “Civilian injuries and death are regrettable and tragic. Israel is doing what it can to avoid harming civilians”. They do: kill civilians in every minute. More than 900 Palestinian killed, and 4300 injured. They Say: “Israel is making efforts to facilitate humanitarian assistance”. They do: prevent humanitarian aids in Gaza.

    Although Israel lost its credibility ages ago, Hamas are seeking diplomatic solutions to cease-fire and stop war on Gaza. They do their best to prevent the Israeli forces to occupy Gaza. We should all remember that all of us are in the same thing, all of us in the same boat. If there is no Hamas for today, there would be no Syria for tomorrow and no Middle East for the day after.

    “It is useless and point futile for us to continue talking peace and non-violence against a government whose reply is only savage attacks on an unarmed and defenseless people.”
    Nelson Mandela

    Fly View


    Fzee Fzoo Fza!
    Oh, sorry! Forgot that you won’t understand that!! My name is Flyiros, and I’m a fly. I know you are wondering, why would a fly write? Actually, I write because I’m sick of human behavior. They are stupid, mean, and inferior. Your so called Superman is just an imitation of us, I’m proud to be a fly, a superb one, indeed. I see the world from a different view; I know things you don’t, I can talk like humans, while they cannot talk like me. I’m special, I’m a fly!

    I will tell you about my experience with humans. They’ve killed my only love, Flyola. Bustards! She was my soul mate. By the way, don’t ever use “it” while you’re talking about a fly, there are female and male flies. So, don’t use “it” for both genders. Shall I stop buzzing??? You, humans are impatient. Listen carefully; listen to the story of Flyola!

    I was at that guy’s home. He was walking like a drunk, spending his time doing nothing, but watching T.V. Me and Flyola decided to live at his place. He was lazy, that’s why it was safe to live there. We thought, he would never think of killing us. The first few days I was amazed by his actions. He kept releasing something that smelt like gas, playing in his nose all day, and stuff that I couldn’t understand, things he does when there aren’t anyone at his home. I didn’t know why, and then I realized those things are harmful things, so he hides them. Once, my sweet Flyola passed out because of the gassy smell. I wonder why the man can bear the things he does, while he cannot bear other stuff, as normal as they might seem.

    Flyola and I were living in peace, until that fateful night. His friends came into the house. They were playing cards, laughing and drinking yellow drinks bottled in green bottles. I love trying new stuff, so I took a sip of that green bottle. It was the most sugarless drink ever. Later on, I started to feel high, you should avoid the male fly when he is high! Why am I talking like a rapper all time??? It seems that I’m influenced with this sick music that guy was listening to, All Engleeish! AAALL Za Tieme!

    I could not stop myself from bothering those guys. All flies have an advantage, their down left side leg makes humans shiver, It makes them nervous. Unfortunately for them that I was high, cause being high is all what a fly needs to corrupt a human’s joy!

    One of the idiots started to slap his face, and another punched his friend’s face, dreaming of smashing me! They fought, brought down the table! They apologized to each other, and then they returned to the same stuff over again. How do they shift their mood so easily? Don’t ask a fly! All that I did was not enough, I was hungry for more, I wanted to bother them more.

    I aimed for the nose, mouth, and ear holes. Those are my hotspots!!! Once a fly touches one of them, humans go crazy, won’t leave that fly unless he/she is dead! I scratched one of the guys’ nose, his nose was wet, unfortunately. This made me puke, and you ask why do we puke? We puke because of your sick behaviors and your miserable skin! And we eat what we puke, because your food sucks, its all we have to eat as your food is always salted. You only sugar your drinks, and we cannot taste it.

    I drove him crazy; he left everything, and decided to have me killed! He raised his hands up, up. Up!!! I knew that he was trying to smash me. The greatest trick is to make a human think that he would hit you, then…POOF, fly away in no time. But, this bustard was faster, faster than me. He did it. I couldn’t breath. My sweet Flyola just came in time. She was trying to save me by providing artificial ventilation, those guys were laughing, and maybe they thought that she was kissing me! Even so, we do kiss each other, we know about love more than humans, but now was not the time. That guy’s hand was up, up, up! NOOO!

    He killed Flyola! My sweet heart. She was my only love, my only friend, she was everything to me. She died while she was trying to save me. I’m weak; I cannot seek revenge on humans. I lost my only partner. I cannot afford living anymore. I cannot enjoy life while she is gone, as I’m missing her all the time. Here is a drink, a sugared drink; I will drink it to death.
    My sweet Flyola, reserve me a place in heaven next to you.
    I hate you cruel humans.

    We Talk About Phenomena Not Ghosts


    Have you ever felt like being sure that you have experienced a new situation previously! Did you see any objects moving with no physical contact?! This is not about ghosts, it must be a case of Psychokinesis! Ah, you do not what is Psychokinesis? Well, let’s read this all together.


    For sure you heard about moving objects with eyes. Maybe you thought, such a thing does not exist in our real life. But, many historians wrote about how the Union Soviet used it against the Nazi army in the second world war, later on against USA in the cold war. The word psychokinesis from the Greek meaning mind, soul, hear, or breath. It is also known as telekinesis, it is a term to refer the direct influence of mind on physical objects. You yourself don’t know if you have the ability of moving objects with your mind. Telekinesis is just like any of our buried abilities that we have lost because of lack of training. I will give you a hand to know! Maybe you can, maybe you cannot. The most important part of all is, you have to believe that telekinesis is real. Well, I believe it is real, and I will go through its experiment right now, so you! I’m focusing on the object which is a green gum, they say you must take 10 minutes until you feel it is a part of you. I’ll be back in ten minutes.

    Goodness me! Here, I’m back. That experiment was really marvelous. I took more than 10 minutes to feel that green gum is a part of me. I visualized the change that I wanted to do, which was moving the gum few inches forward. Then, I made the last step, trying to move the object, a gum in our case. The result was really impressive! The gum didn’t move, not one bit. Now, we’re back to the original question! Does telekinesis really exist? Many incidents have been reported in the U.S.A, and the most well-known ones were in public and they happened unintentionally. Maybe I don’t have the ability to move objects, or the gum does not give a good inspiration! I’m not going to spend another ten minutes to feel blended with an object! But, you still have the chance, go for it!

    Déjà vu

    Déjà vu is a French term for “already seen”. It is the experience of feeling sure that you have witnessed or experienced a new situation previously. The experience of déjà vu seems to be quite common, 70% of people report having experienced at last once. Actually, it happens to me frequently and to all my friends. There are different of explanations of that phenomenon. The most common explanation is the memory-based one. It suggests that the occurrence of “cryptamnesia,” which is where information is forgotten, but stored in the brain, and occurrence of similarities invokes the contained knowledge, leading to a feeling of familiarity because of the situation, or event. Whilst The most convenient explanation is the neural one. It suggests that, the phenomenon could be due to a split-second restart of the neural system, leading the person to believe they have already experienced an event some time before, when theoretically they have experienced the event only a split-second before. There are other spiritual explanations, like all of us have witnessed their life, before our soul dwell in our bodies! Some people believe it is the memory of our dreams. And some, some think that they are one of the few that enjoy an additional spiritual asset “makshoof 3anhom el7egab”, and they see all the events before they occur! According to this silly explanation, 70% of people are holy! Just take the neural system theory and the memory based explanation, they are enough to explain this phenomenon.


    Did you see the movie? It was a good one, indeed. Anyways, I’m going to tackle the stigmata as a phenomenon, not a belief. The stigmata are wounds believed to duplicate the wounds of Christ’s crucifixion that appear on the hands and feet, and sometimes on the side and head. Some stigmatics claim to feel the pain of wounds with no visible marks; these are referred to as, cough, invisible stigmata. However, no case of stigmata is known to have occurred before the thirteenth century, when the crucified Jesus became a standard icon of Christianity in the west. Zlatko Sudac is well-know stigmatic in the last decade in Croatia, not one picture on the web to prove his case as well. This phenomenon is really interesting, no clear evidence to prove it though. Stigmata were supposed to remind people of pain and the suffering of Jesus. But, the interesting point about this.. so/called phenomenon, that most of stigmatics are saints, whom supposed to praise God 24/7. But, I really don’t know if they have been called saints before or after the stigmata wounds!

    Now, after all these weird phenomena. I bet, you are only familiar with déjà vu. If you have the ability to move objects with your mind, you can get a job easily in CIA! And, if you are feeling the pain of stigmata wounds, don’t forget to add your name to famous stigmatics on wikipediam, with your own personal picture, please!

    The Man Who Walks Behind


    Yes! Black soda! This might work as a commercial for cola, just shoot me while I’m drinking this chemical drink. The clouds I’m puffing out of my cigarette seem to represent a part of me. This is the outcome of being alive, of keep breathing. The bottle is empty, the cigarette is burned. Throwing the

    Special thanks to Mohamed Essam for this illustration.

    Special thanks to Mohamed Essam for this illustration.

    cigarette stub apathetic about all those pathetic slogans of keeping our environment, clean and clear! Paying the soda charge to that old man who keeps awake despite it is midnight time. Midnight reminds many of “ghosts”, others of “sex”, but it reminds me of “Led Zeppelin” songs! Getting out my mobile, connecting my headphones. That is it!

    Baby, baby, baby, I’m gonna leave you!

    This must be the darkest night ever! I can see an old full moon that cannot lighten the Earth, neither the streets I’m walking through! The streets are all empty, no one is walking down but me. Some cats are moaning, and some dogs are barking. This might be the start of the 3rd world war…

    Leave you when the summertime time comes a rollin’!

    These streets are quite different in morning, people are everywhere, you fight to win few inches to put your feet on. At the moment, I’m missing those lovely enemies! I’m barely seeing things around. Just those dogs and cats, my shadow, my only friend and… Another friend on my right! A shorter shadow on my right hand. This cannot be my shadow, I’m not that short, this seems like a child shadow. Should I turn back to see what is that? Or should I walk on?!

    Leave you when the summer comes along!

    Cannot it be my shadow? But, why is it much shorter than me? Shorter?! Shorter, because I see it from a different angle! I’m not good in physics, if this is related to it. I’ll walk on! Moving my legs hardly. Pausing the song! Lending my ears to the thing walks behind.

    Yes! I can listen to footsteps. Is he a man? Is she a woman? The footsteps are loud! It must be a woman wearing extremely high heels to cause all this noise. I can hear laughing, but it is a man laughing. This rough sound of laughing cannot be of a woman! Why is he laughing? Did he notice that I’m scared?

    Turn back, take a look. It might be nothing, and it might be something, maybe horrible, maybe sweet! But, you will know, surely you will. What if there is no one? How will I explain those sounds? What if is he waiting me to turn back to attack me? Attack? But, why? I did nothing bad to anyone. Wait! You did! Yes, I did! I’ve stolen 20 pounds from my dad! But, it cannot be him, not because he is my dad! But, because he has passed away since long time. Cannot it be his ghost? I don’t believe in dead men’ ghosts. Cannot it be that cola man? Did I forget to pay him? This is mean! I’m sure that I’ve paid him, and he will never leave his place to walk behind a man that has forgot to pay one pound! Shit! It must be The cab driver who was asking for 5 pounds more? Why is everything related to money? Eh? I don’t hear the heels sound anymore. When did it stop? Mate, you care too much! Stop that! Time to back to Led Zeppelin.

    Baby, baby, I don’t wanna leave you, I ain’t jokin’ woman!

    That is much better. Just few minutes to arrive home. I don’t love the streets nearby, but I love home. The first thing I’ll do when I back home, is making ….! The same shadow once again. Focus! Yes, it is the same shadow, which I believe is not mine! It takes a different shape. Bingo! I’ll trick this sucker!

    I’m Moving faster! It is moving faster! Slowing down! It is slowing down as well, 1 second or less after! I’ll run too fast, then I’ll stop suddenly! This will make me more sure. Running faster, faster! The dogs barking is getting louder, I have attracted their attention.

    Baby, baby, baby, baby! Baby, baby, baby!

    The song riff is getting more epic, the singer is calling his “baby” louder, I’m hearing the dogs barking clearly though. I cannot feel my legs, my knees are trembling. I have never run faster than this. I’m running while I’m looking down my feet. The headphones are not into my ears anymore, I’m hearing my breath, the dogs’ nails are scratching the ground! They must be close, too close. Arggh! This small hole is not in time. My face is hitting the ground. The song is mixed with the dogs’ growling. I must get up, quickly. It is too late! They are doing their job perfectly, biting!

    Think! There must be a way-out! Just, think! I’m bleeding, I can feel it. Pain! The pain is giving me no chance to think. Yes! That is it, this small brick there. I need to crawl few inches forward. Here it is! Bustards! Stop biting! Stop! I feel like having the whole world in my hand. My sweet brick!

    Hitting the nearest dog with my brick on its head. The dog is moaning, swaying to the left, the right, then falling down. Its mates are looking to me, then to each other. Time to run away!

    I’m running too fast once again. I’m looking down my feet as always. I can see it! That shadow behind! It has the shape of a short man, it is moving its legs really fast. The shadow is getting bigger, much bigger! I’ll cross the road! Beep! Hell yeah! A bus! A bus in the midnight? Stop that, I don’t care! Hailing! moving my hands! Please, stop. Yes, the lovely sound of wheels screeching! Getting into the bus. Throwing myself in the nearest seat.

    That’s when its callin’ me back home, home, home!

    Looking through the window! Those stupid dogs still barking! I’m safe, at last. No dogs, no shadows! I’m bleeding, but feeling great. Thank God for being alive. The bus is moving away from home, but I’m not going to ask the bus driver to stop. This street…! Holy crap! I see a reflection in the window mirror. The same shape! It seems, that it does not have a face, but just a shape. Maybe because of the lights angle. You IDIOT, would you stop that and take a look? Okay! Okay! I’ll take a look. Preparing my self! Turning my head to take a look at the seat behind. Now, just now, I can see it.