The Man Who Walks Behind

Yes! Black soda! This might work as a commercial for cola, just shoot me while I’m drinking this chemical drink. The clouds I’m puffing out of my cigarette seem to represent a part of me. This is the outcome of being alive, of keep breathing. The bottle is empty, the cigarette is burned. Throwing the

Special thanks to Mohamed Essam for this illustration.

Special thanks to Mohamed Essam for this illustration.

cigarette stub apathetic about all those pathetic slogans of keeping our environment, clean and clear! Paying the soda charge to that old man who keeps awake despite it is midnight time. Midnight reminds many of “ghosts”, others of “sex”, but it reminds me of “Led Zeppelin” songs! Getting out my mobile, connecting my headphones. That is it!

Baby, baby, baby, I’m gonna leave you!

This must be the darkest night ever! I can see an old full moon that cannot lighten the Earth, neither the streets I’m walking through! The streets are all empty, no one is walking down but me. Some cats are moaning, and some dogs are barking. This might be the start of the 3rd world war…

Leave you when the summertime time comes a rollin’!

These streets are quite different in morning, people are everywhere, you fight to win few inches to put your feet on. At the moment, I’m missing those lovely enemies! I’m barely seeing things around. Just those dogs and cats, my shadow, my only friend and… Another friend on my right! A shorter shadow on my right hand. This cannot be my shadow, I’m not that short, this seems like a child shadow. Should I turn back to see what is that? Or should I walk on?!

Leave you when the summer comes along!

Cannot it be my shadow? But, why is it much shorter than me? Shorter?! Shorter, because I see it from a different angle! I’m not good in physics, if this is related to it. I’ll walk on! Moving my legs hardly. Pausing the song! Lending my ears to the thing walks behind.

Yes! I can listen to footsteps. Is he a man? Is she a woman? The footsteps are loud! It must be a woman wearing extremely high heels to cause all this noise. I can hear laughing, but it is a man laughing. This rough sound of laughing cannot be of a woman! Why is he laughing? Did he notice that I’m scared?

Turn back, take a look. It might be nothing, and it might be something, maybe horrible, maybe sweet! But, you will know, surely you will. What if there is no one? How will I explain those sounds? What if is he waiting me to turn back to attack me? Attack? But, why? I did nothing bad to anyone. Wait! You did! Yes, I did! I’ve stolen 20 pounds from my dad! But, it cannot be him, not because he is my dad! But, because he has passed away since long time. Cannot it be his ghost? I don’t believe in dead men’ ghosts. Cannot it be that cola man? Did I forget to pay him? This is mean! I’m sure that I’ve paid him, and he will never leave his place to walk behind a man that has forgot to pay one pound! Shit! It must be The cab driver who was asking for 5 pounds more? Why is everything related to money? Eh? I don’t hear the heels sound anymore. When did it stop? Mate, you care too much! Stop that! Time to back to Led Zeppelin.

Baby, baby, I don’t wanna leave you, I ain’t jokin’ woman!

That is much better. Just few minutes to arrive home. I don’t love the streets nearby, but I love home. The first thing I’ll do when I back home, is making ….! The same shadow once again. Focus! Yes, it is the same shadow, which I believe is not mine! It takes a different shape. Bingo! I’ll trick this sucker!

I’m Moving faster! It is moving faster! Slowing down! It is slowing down as well, 1 second or less after! I’ll run too fast, then I’ll stop suddenly! This will make me more sure. Running faster, faster! The dogs barking is getting louder, I have attracted their attention.

Baby, baby, baby, baby! Baby, baby, baby!

The song riff is getting more epic, the singer is calling his “baby” louder, I’m hearing the dogs barking clearly though. I cannot feel my legs, my knees are trembling. I have never run faster than this. I’m running while I’m looking down my feet. The headphones are not into my ears anymore, I’m hearing my breath, the dogs’ nails are scratching the ground! They must be close, too close. Arggh! This small hole is not in time. My face is hitting the ground. The song is mixed with the dogs’ growling. I must get up, quickly. It is too late! They are doing their job perfectly, biting!

Think! There must be a way-out! Just, think! I’m bleeding, I can feel it. Pain! The pain is giving me no chance to think. Yes! That is it, this small brick there. I need to crawl few inches forward. Here it is! Bustards! Stop biting! Stop! I feel like having the whole world in my hand. My sweet brick!

Hitting the nearest dog with my brick on its head. The dog is moaning, swaying to the left, the right, then falling down. Its mates are looking to me, then to each other. Time to run away!

I’m running too fast once again. I’m looking down my feet as always. I can see it! That shadow behind! It has the shape of a short man, it is moving its legs really fast. The shadow is getting bigger, much bigger! I’ll cross the road! Beep! Hell yeah! A bus! A bus in the midnight? Stop that, I don’t care! Hailing! moving my hands! Please, stop. Yes, the lovely sound of wheels screeching! Getting into the bus. Throwing myself in the nearest seat.

That’s when its callin’ me back home, home, home!

Looking through the window! Those stupid dogs still barking! I’m safe, at last. No dogs, no shadows! I’m bleeding, but feeling great. Thank God for being alive. The bus is moving away from home, but I’m not going to ask the bus driver to stop. This street…! Holy crap! I see a reflection in the window mirror. The same shape! It seems, that it does not have a face, but just a shape. Maybe because of the lights angle. You IDIOT, would you stop that and take a look? Okay! Okay! I’ll take a look. Preparing my self! Turning my head to take a look at the seat behind. Now, just now, I can see it.


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