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World Cup 2010 : Reasons Holding us Back


We have won the African Championship two times in a row as you already know. Yes, our squad is almost the same with the same coach. So, we must be the best team in Africa, two times in a row we are the champions this is a clear evidence!

Yes, we are the same team, the same coach, but under different conditions. We have already wasted two points in our first home game, even though the game was with a very poor team which might be considered as the weakest team in Group C. When the time comes to the world cup qualifications, everything is different. We have not been qualified since 1990 world cup in Italy and during these years we have won the African Cup of Nations three times, 98, 06 and 08. So, we cannot link the African Cup to the world cup qualifications. Simply, the Europe champions of 2004, Greece could not qualify to 06 world cup! So, do not ever think of taking the regional competition as a measure. I believe that we won’t make it to South Africa and the reasons?

1- Conflicts

After Zambia game many conflicts have been shown at the horizon. Amr Zaki and Mido was the first conflict to be happened. Zaki has claimed that Mido was jealous of him because he was not in the lineup of the national team in their game against Zambia. This states many problems that have been caused by Mido previously. Yes, it happened once in 2006 when Shehata substituted Mido by Amr Zaki, by luck Zaki first touch was a goal that revived Egypt and sent the team to the final game to be crowned later. But, today is different, Mido is mature enough to sit on the bench with no complains. Amr Zaki behavior was silly in a very wrong timing. All the national team players were yucky, even the only goal scorer, Amr Zaki. Even though, I wonder why Emad Metaab which I consider him the worst player in Egypt’s squad always in the start up, while we have Zidan, Zaki and Mido! Metaab himself might be a convenient reason for being knocked out from the world cup before it starts. The conflict between Zaki and Mido might lead to other conflicts among all the national team players in the future. If all the players want to start up the game, I wonder who would be so kind to be on the bench.  Every single player should respect the coach’s point of view and does not complain too much. I still believe that Mido had not behave in such ridiculous manner, but this a message for all players including Mido.  Both players are not only playing in the same national team, but in the same football club as well. Everything seems to be fine at the moment, but it will be fired up once one journalist claims that one has said “BLAH!” about the other!

Essam Al-Hadry who ran away from Egypt to seek some Euros in nameless team in Switzerland thought that he has been offended by Al-Ahly marketing manager, Adly Alqee’y. Because, simply, Adly Alqee’y has said the truth and told Al-Hadry story in details. If Al-Hadry foresees that his behavior in this case is shameful enough to feel offended, why did he do it?! Al-Hadry behavior on air was silly enough to be punished; I wonder why he is too confident that he will play for the national team forever, while he plays form some football club that never been watched by an Egyptian, I bet! Even though, the FIFA has just announced that Al-Hadry will not play for four months starting from August. I also doubt that he is performance still good like the past. Actually, I prefer morals than performance. How about having some player that in lack of both?

2- The lack of responsibility

    Some weeks ago, many newspapers have published photos of our national team players at some night club spending their time with “mooz, mooz, mooz” teens! This was in Zambia’s game day morning! They did not care about all these fans who were on fire to see their national football team firing the grass and winning an easy game as it was supposed to be. The place was a nightclub, the event was some teen’s birthday, needles to say there was a more important event for these players. I wonder how this behavior has been passed with no plenty. This indicates how our players are apathetic about their duty. Maybe they thought they can beat any team on the planet for wining the African Cup of Nations two times in a row. Actually, they should praise God 24/7 for not losing this game!

    3-  The Luck!

    Hassan Shehata will not be lucky forever. Although, Al-Ma3lem (he2) has won the African (BLAH!) two times in a row, I do not believe in his techniques. We must admit, there are many teams who have performed better than ours, but they could not make it because the prayers of 80 million Egyptians! This does not seem to be convincing, I know. But, I am sure that Hassan Shehata will be exposed soon, very soon! Still wish you the best of luck!

    4- The Technique!

    I foresee a lot of problems in Algeria away game after that performance against Zambia. Our defense will do extremely badly when they play against a tough team. We do not know much about Algeria because it has been a while since our last game with their team. Among Algeria squad many professional players who play for top class teams in France and the rest of Europe. The Algerian players are very skillful with a great acceleration and control of the ball that will cause great problems for our deference line. Remember, we will not be steadfast for more than a half against Algeria. Even though, we might not score any goals as long as Emad Motaeb is in the lineup. Sure, we will accept goals, but scoring? Many question marks for that!

    For all the reasons mentioned above, I see that our national team is not capable of finishing the task and qualifying to South Africa 2010! That is might be some good news for Magdy Abdelghany whose Goal might stand for another 4 years, at least.